Victo Silva

Postdoctoral fellow at iHub

Ph.D., Science and Technology Policy

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Investigating digital platforms and AI for the social good


I'm an economist specializing in innovation economics, with a focus on digital technologies, especially digital platforms and AI. I explore the dynamics of digital innovation and alternative models for deploying these technologies for socio-economic development. See below for my completed and ongoing projects. Check out the other tabs for my full CV, papers in development, and publications.


Uncovering the Brazilian platform economy

We have published the first study to characterize the platform economy in Brazil. By training NLP algorithms to find Brazilian platform companies in databases (e.g., Crunchbase, Orbis), we offer insights for a data-driven regulatory policy.

Explaining global platform companies' spatial clusters

We look for the variables that explain why platform companies emerge with greater density in certain locations. We use our base of approximately 30,000 platform companies to build econometric models.

Mapping alternative platform regimes

We go beyond the "platform as a company" vision to elucidate how public authorities can mobilize platforms for socioeconomic development. This includes public service, civic and infrastructure platforms.

AI as a General Purpose Technology

We explore the applications of artificial intelligence in various sectors, considering its pervasiveness and complementarity with other technologies.